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Elizabeth HartshornElizabeth Hartshorn, LPC – Elizabeth Hartshorn, is a Counselor, Counselor Educator and Clinical Supervisor, She is the Proprietor of Full Circle Counseling & Coaching, LLC and Full Circle Supervision. She is a licensed professional counselor and nationally certified master addiction counselor. Elizabeth is registered with the OBPCLT as an approved clinical supervisor. Elizabeth received her Masters of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Western Oregon University in 1999. She has been licensed with the OBPCLT since 2007 in Oregon. She was appointed to the Oregon Board of Professional Counselor and Licensed Therapists by Governor Theodore Kulongoski in 2010 and served a 3-year term.

Elizabeth’s career experience includes public agency management, K-12 school counseling, adult education, private practice, addiction treatment, and forensic mental health services for the Oregon Department of Corrections.

Elizabeth’s approach to clinical supervision is transparent, direct, strength-based and cognitive behavioral. She is dedicated to the integrity of professional development of counselor interns. Her style is to work closely with the counselor during their supervision time to create trust, consistency and support. Her practice of supervision includes the use of the Socratic teaching method and spending time in observation of practice, reviewing documentation and discussing professional ethics and standards of conduct. She takes time to understand the needs of each client that the intern is working with. She encourages skill development by supporting the intern to explore and experiment with their chosen approved methodology.

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