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Clinical Supervision

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Full Circle Clinical Supervision provides on-site and distance supervision to Oregon State Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists, registered interns, licensed professional counselors and licensed clinical supervisors. Full Circle provides continuing education for mental health clinicians, impaired professional evaluations and post-board discipline.

Full Circle's mission is to provide supervision, training and evaluations to promote and develop professional competency for registered interns, counselors and therapists. As a result, the best care is provided to the clients they serve, and consumer protection is increased.

Impaired Professional Assessments
Full Circle provides mental health and substance abuse assessments to health care providers to determine if they require further interventions or treatment. Full Circle understands the sensitivity and steps required to help assess and direct the professional to the appropriate care or resources. Full Circle can also help the clinician with career coaching if necessary. Full Circle works closely with the licensee or supervisee’s licensing board to help ensure that they are in compliance.

Post-Discipline Supervision
Sometimes, a licensee makes an error in their clinical practice. In many cases, the problem can be resolved. As a result, the licensee may significantly improve their work performance and be able to resolve the situation. Full Circle can help licensees correct the action and in many cases restore their licenses while improving their professional skills.

Supervision of Supervision
LPC and LMFT’s supervisor candidates must receive 12 hours of supervision within 5 years to become a board-approved supervisor. Full Circle has LPC board-approved supervisors to help clinical supervisor candidates fulfill their obligation. Utilizing a sound training and coaching for new supervisors, Full Circle helps ensure that registered interns receive quality supervision.

All supervision fees are billed at 15 minute increments. This includes phone calls, report and document writing.

Clinical Supervision: $80.00 to $135.00 an hour.

Group Supervision: $50.00 per hour (90 minute groups) per group member (group of 3-6).

Non-Profit discount is available for agencies with 4 or more interns.

Post-Discipline Supervision: $150.00 per hour.

Impaired Professional Assessment: $500.00 (2-hour consultation, collaborative information and reporting writing, recommendation and referrals.)

Supervision of Supervision: $150.00 an hour.

Private Practice Intern Clinical Supervision: 5 or less clients – $75 per hour; 6-10 clients– $85.00 per hour; 11-20 clients – $100 per hour; 21 or more clients – $150 per hour.


Clinical Supervision Contract
Procedures for Clinical Supervision
Professional Disclosure Statement